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When I complete this story – I am sure there will be no one as far as I can reach that will do business with any three of these businesses.

I will attach pictures of invoices at the end of this sad story.

We sold our home in 2015 and purchased an Open Range Residential fifth wheel from Lewis RV in Oklahoma. At the time we purchased the RV we took it to Texas and set it up in an park close to Belton. The first thing that happened – the refrigerator was not getting water to the ice machine so consequently it was not freezing ice. We called Open Range and after talking to the CS person on the phone who knew nothing who then transferred us to one of the engineers at Highland Ridge who knew even less and was unable to tell us where to turn on the water. They first said there was a small door on the back of the fifth wheel that we could open to turn on the water – there was no door. We even had to take a picture of the back of the fifth wheel to prove there was no panel to open. (I guess we were way to stupid to see a panel door.) We asked that they send someone out to see about finding the water connection for the ice machine. Now keep in mind the trailer was only a week old. They refused to do find anyone and they refused to pay for a service person. Finally my husband, who is more competent than anyone working for Highland Ridge or Lewis RV, found a panel in the basement of the fifth wheel. He removed the panel and the water connection was back behind the panel.

Keep in mind this is our home now so we live in it full time and work camp so we can see the United States. A dream we have had for several years. It quickly turned into a nightmare thanks to Highland Ridge, Lewis RV and Open Range. The next problem we had was only a few months later. We were coming back from Montana to Oklahoma and both tires (brand new tires) were rubbing together and almost blew out before we could stop in Kansas. We stopped in Kansas City to get the tires replaced, because again we called Highland Ridge and they would not take responsibility for the tires. We got the tires replaced at our expense, was going to leave the park to head for Oklahoma and the kitchen slide would not close. Some men in the park had to help my husband push the slide closed. Again, no one from Lewis RV nor Highland ridge would do anything. I thought as long as anything that new and still under warranty – the company was required to assist the customer. Also while we were in Montana my grandson discovered the bathroom floor was about to fall through. Lewis RV said they would repair the bathroom floor, replace the inverter for the refrigerator (which also quit working) repair the slide so it would operate correctly and replace the kitchen vent (it also quit working). Which they did – they kept our trailer 6 weeks to do it, but they said they had it repaired. So for the six weeks they were working on the trailer, we had to find another place to live no help from them.

Once we got the trailer back, we were to be in Florida as soon as possible since they had delayed us. On the way to Florida, the other two tires on the trailer started rubbing together and nearly blew out, so we had to call AAA to bring us new tires and help us as we were on the road at that time. Highland Ridge and Lewis RV said to bad about those tires and we had to pay for them. The first set of tires that went bad were maybe four months old and the second set might have been 8 months. As we were leaving Florida in April the super slide with the kitchen quit working again. We called ahead because the air conditioner in the bedroom wasn’t working. Lewis RV said they would get the trailer in as soon as we got there. However after we got there they said we had not called to make arrangements and they would get it in as soon as they could. They took our fifth wheel in and kept it for over two months. Again we had to find a place to live with no assistance from Highland Ridge or Lewis RV. So much for the warranty. When we finally got our fifth wheel back we had a job in South Dakota, which we made it there okay with God’s help. When we left South Dakota and came to Sea Perch, Oregon the super slide that holds the kitchen quit working again. So here we are in Oregon with a broken cable on our super slide. I am writing this complaint in hopes that we can get someone at Highland Ridge or Lewis RV to honor the warranty on this fifth wheel. Actually I think it falls under the lemon law. I have never had so many things not work on a new product.

I did not even include the leaking on the black tank that had to be repaired and other parts my husband had to put on the trailer. We are not wealthy or we would probably have hired an attorney. My husband is 70 years old and I am not sure how much longer he can repair the broken piece of trash that Lewis RV and Highland Ridge.

They also broke our sofa (one of the workers wrote that on the invoice). They would not relace it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Open Range Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Well I guess I can take Open Ridge out of my RV Trailer and Fifthr Wheel selection.. If Thor makes it, I am not buying it!

Everything I have read regardless of brand is trash.

Thor has taken some really well made products and converted them to garbage. The fact that I read over and over that getting warranty help is almost impossible will REALLY make my decision for me...

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