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Yep, I have the SAME problem with my Dometic piece of %%#%#% AC, now unit #4, which is blowing hot air after 6 *** MONTHS. I average replacing 2 (two) every year.

If they were not under warranty I would SUE THE $&#%^* out of Dometic. Oh, and by the way guys, for you that are not aware, the side vents (on the side of the RV) for the fridge let water in with a heavy rain. The drops hit the flat portion of the ventura and splatter back inside the trailer. I pointed this out to Dometic and even showed them a video of the water in my trailer after a rain to which they responded that they are aware this happens, but not enough to do any damage.

BS, BS, BS. I then asked what their thoughts were on having water (via rain) entering through the vents and into the fridge compartment and the location of the electrical outlet next to the fridge. They told me they were in compliance with the RVA## whatever, so they don't give a ***. Can you say SHOCK HAZARD.

Someone should start a consumer lawsuit against this company. They are not only selling junk, they are selling products that can put someone in danger and/or can damage an RV.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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