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we purchased april 2016 and it has been in the shop 4 times. most recently been in the shop from Sept 10th to present date with no idea when we will get it back. we are very sad. dealer won't trade us out and manufacturer won't buy it back. this is our second camper and our first one we had for three years and it was never in the shop. we feel like we have nowhere to turn to get any help. might have to see if the bank will repose the durn... Read more

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Before taking delivery on our Open Range 3X I noticed the hitch, under the King Pin was under rated by 1,000 pounds. Secondly the super slide didn't close tightly along half of the top edge and down the leading side, atleast 3' on both edges. I reported it to the factory and the east coast regional rep, drove down from NC to Tampa, where we bought the RV. They changed the axil and king pin hitch but did nothing about the slide. We took delivery... Read more

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We bought ours slightly used from a dealer who is no longer a dealer. If you're going to consider this model, please do a lot of research. We bought one, and has so many problems with it that it was this overwhelming. Pay particular attention to underneath the slides, as the bottoms are so very soft, and the rollers cut into the base. This is an also not covered under warranty. We spent several thousand getting the floors refinished. ... Read more

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My 2016 Open Range is falling apart due to a water leak on the second bathroom the entire floor is ruined!!! OMG I still Owe $48.000 on it. Please someone tell me this is not happening

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Yes I have a big problem. Slide out floors are rotten, pinstripping is coming off, furniture is all coming apart and air conditioning are carrier which is no longer in business so you can't get replacement parts. I would never buy one of these rv's again. They are garbage.

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My unit has been in for repairs more than we have used it. The bathroom and hallway floor have been replaced 3 times due to a water leak. The leak was caused by screws used to assemble the unit being poked into the pipes. Skylight cracked, stereo unit replaced 3 times, sink fell down into the cabinet, microwave replaced once, electric jack replaced twice, emergency window handle broke off, awning arm collapsed (not due to wind or rain),... Read more

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During our first camping trip with our new Open Range it became a nightmare that took 3 years to wake up from. It started with axels that were too light weight for our rig. They were so light that they bent while we were traveling. Trying to get Open Range to admit this took several days of local professionals making calls to them and photos sent as proof. The windows were not caulked do during every rain our rig turned into a bathtub. We could... Read more

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We purchased a 2016 Open Range Roamer from Gayle Kline RV in Lancaster County Pa. We have used this camper exactly three times, first time, no problem, second time, no hot water, had to go in and have the thermostat replaced no charge. Third time, stopped on interstate by another drive saying smoke was coming from the back of the trailer, Husband checked and we limped back to our storage facility with basically no brakes on the trailer. Asked... Read more

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Front of a 2013 Open Range Light delamination occurring. Units warranty has expired. No indication of leaks. Talked to Highland RV, they pass the buck to the company I purchased from as they just took over the company. I asked if they still manufacture under the Open Range name and he replied they do. Company I purchased from passed back to manufacturer. Had numerous problems in the 2 year warranty period, all were looked after by the... Read more

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i own a 2010 398rls open range with frigidare residential unit which maybe has 6 months of use off and on over the last six years the appilance repair shop tells me the system leaked the freon out and would have to replace the compressor and evaporator just to test and hopefully find the leak these 2 parts are about $1500.00 without the leak repair this fridge has everything on it and should run for years to come it has never had water of... Read more

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